Can two flooring types peacefully coexist?

Can two flooring types peacefully coexist?

Yes, and it's called transition when two flooring types meet. In a perfect world, we'd be able to use the same flooring throughout the house. It's not practical, however.

Just be sure the colors and styles don't clash. The correct transition strip eliminates safety and height issues.

You need to consider a few things when transitioning to different new floors.

Safety issues

There are two bedrooms in my home. Each opens to the bath with a thick tile on the floor.

People could easily trip on the overhang. A strip explicitly made to handle the transition from carpet to tile takes care of that.

A noticeable transition strip also gives people a heads-up about the height difference. These days they come in all designs.

Be aware that there are different transition strips to accommodate different types of flooring; they include carpet-to-tile, vinyl to-tile, all hard surfaces, carpet-to-laminate, etc. The flooring company experts will advise you about the right one.

A needed visual break

A transition strip will also give a more cohesive look to a decor. This is especially so when you have two floorings with different colors or patterns.

For example, the bedroom might have an earth-toned neutral; it might open to another room with light gray hardwood. The strip makes it all work!

If you are transitioning between two similar types of flooring (i.e., ceramic/ceramic), it may be possible to do so without a transition strip. Seek the advice, first, of the experts at the flooring store.

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