From bathroom remodeling to spa experience: Three tips

From bathroom remodeling to spa experience: Three tips

Bathrooms may be small, but they have a significant impact. This room sets the tone of the entire house.

It's also where we can get away to de-stress and relax from our day. Here are three bathroom remodeling ideas to give it the atmosphere of a high-end spa.

Get the ideal bathroom flooring

To quote the old cliche, “Design from the floor up,” meaning that the floor sets the foundation of a room.

Install the floor first, then design around it. Remember, baths are wet, humid places, but you can still have a realistic wood look with tile, luxury vinyl, or waterproof laminate.

Nothing screams "Opulence" as much as marble. I once saw a bathroom with light gray wood-look tile on the floor. Marble-look tile with dark gray veinings was on the wall.  


A bathroom vanity includes a cabinet, sink, and counter space. There must always be plenty of storage to store appliances, lotions, and oils.

There are many styles of cabinets and sinks. Your choice will depend on layout, space, style, and budget.

For example, a cantilever cabinet with a pedestal sink might work if your bath is small.

Louvered cabinets provide needed ventilation. Farmhouse decor might call for a beadboard cabinet.

Turning your shower into a luxurious experience

Is there any bigger turn-off than a dingy, badly-in-need-of-repair shower? How about one that's just too small to move about comfortably?

A shower remodel can fix this, often with a few simple upgrades. Perhaps upgrade the tiles, reglaze the tub (or eliminate it). You can also add a bench for sitting and some storage for shampoos.

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