Custom installation patterns for luxury vinyl flooring

Custom installation patterns for luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring doesn't come in sheets. Instead, it comes in two forms: planks which mimic hardwood boards, or square, tile-sized pieces used mainly for stone and tile.

That means you can mix and match to create any pattern you wish!

Herringbone layouts

This layout was used among European royalty and the very wealthy for decades. It rose to popularity in the 1970s, being America's first parquet wood pattern.

The herringbone resembles the bone structure of a fish. This classic pattern was quiet for a while, and now it's come back quickly. Since vinyl plank flooring (or luxury vinyl plank or LVP) comes in boards of all sizes, an installer can arrange them in this classic layout.

Other layouts include the diagonal, offset, grid, and random width. Random width comprises groups of three planks of different widths, the most common being 3-5-7 inches. Some homeowners use different sizes, however.

Creating a sense of movement with weaves

This is created with square, tile-sized pieces. Also referred to as "basketweave," the LVT flooring utilizes woven-style variations.

About stagger layouts

This will be created with your LVT and LVP flooring in Independence, MO. Pieces are arranged in alternating positions.

Why luxury vinyl flooring may be for you

Vinyl plank flooring has an affordable high-end style. Nature-inspired images are taken digitally to be clear, vibrant, and accurate. 

The floors have depth, dimension, and textured looks. In addition, it's 100% waterproof and low maintenance, requiring only regular sweeping and periodic mopping. 

Luxury vinyl flooring
is durable with a clear, strong melamine coating. It protects the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents. Installation is glue-down, loose lay, or floating floor.  

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