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How to choose a hardwood flooring species

Wood flooring in Independence, MO, is a fantastic choice that works in every home. The flooring line has many benefits, including visuals and an outstanding lifespan.

But one of the most critical choices you'll make in your flooring remodel is hardwood species. Learning more about why species is such an important choice for your hardwood is worth your time.

Species: Hard or soft?

Species types are available in various hardnesses that will each cater to specific needs. For example, softer woods are reserved for low-traffic spaces like pantry and closet wood floors.

Harder species best serve high-traffic areas because they stand up well under heavy wear, including pet paws and child's play. These hard species are perfect for high-traffic areas, especially with the proper sealant and finish.

The good news about species choice

You get a longer lifespan when you find a species that best matches your needs and lifestyle. Increased durability means you won't see as much wear, like scratches, scuffs, and dents, so your floors won't need to be refinished as often.

Once wear starts to show, we can refinish your wood floors and bring them back to life. The process takes some time, but it's much faster, easier, and more affordable than replacing the floors.

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