Transition options from carpet to luxury vinyl flooring

Transition options from carpet to luxury vinyl flooring

Would it be convenient to put the same flooring throughout the home? How easy it would be to clean! However, only some flooring types work in some installations.

For instance, you might put carpet in the bedroom–which opens to the kitchen or bath, where luxury vinyl flooring is a superior choice.

When two floorings come together

A transition strip creates a smooth boundary when floors of different thicknesses meet each other. 

They bridge the gap and also provide safety by preventing tripping on overhangs. They can also give people a heads-up to warn them of a potential height issue.

Every flooring material needs a finished edge; also, there are often changes in floor height and underfoot characteristics (for example, soft, yielding carpet to a hard surface like tile). 

Even when there are two similar floors, it's a good idea–from vinyl plank flooring to luxury vinyl tile. Every room has different seaming to accommodate expansions and gaps. Transition Strips can cover them up. It also creates a visual break!

Carpet to luxury vinyl flooring

So, say, the bedroom opens to the bath. The carpet is in the bedroom, and luxury vinyl flooring is in the bathroom.  

There are two choices: the 4-in-1 with adjustable parts, such as t-molding and metal channels, that accommodate carpet to luxury vinyl.

The other choice is a Carpet Edge Gripper, an aluminum strip with sharp metal prongs to hold the carpet’s edge. Questions? Ask our experts at our showroom when shopping for luxury vinyl flooring in Independence, MO.

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