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Best color trends for kitchen remodeling

When you consider kitchen remodeling, you have a lot to think about. Widely known as an essential room in the house, it must be functional and stylish.

Read along to learn more about the best color trends for your kitchen remodel.

The all-white kitchen: Here to stay

While color is now king (we'll get to that in a minute), the all-white kitchen is classic and timeless. The white kitchen is clean and fresh and works with any decor.

You can create stunning visuals with touches of soft pastels or metallics. Or, go bold by contrasting it with black.

Green: the“buzz-worthy” color right now

Green is all anyone’s talking about, and green kitchen cabinets can make a stunning visual. Any shade of green is popular, including sage, hunter, and mint.

Caution: Keep it current, unlike the 1960s avocado kitchens that were once so popular. Be sure the green is neutralized with cream, beige, brown, or earth-tone trim.

The gray kitchen

Gray is considered the "new neutral," and it's now warmer and more luminous. In addition, it's now blended with other colors to create new tones, such as "greige" (gray + beige) or charcoal (gray+ brown).

Gray is expected to trend for decades, and it goes with any decor; how about marble countertops with gray, black, or other coordinating veining colors?

A few things to keep in mind

1. Please keep it in balance. For example, you might invest $20 or so in a color wheel to see what colors work with each other.

2.Lighting is important. Black or otherwise dark kitchens need plenty of light.

3.Use textures to add warmth. This is especially so with the all-white kitchens. For example, add area rugs or wall hangings.

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