How to protect hardwood flooring from moisture

How to protect hardwood flooring from moisture

You might be considering hardwood flooring but are concerned about water challenges. Wood can indeed be damaged, but it's easy enough to prevent.

Please continue reading to learn more about protecting your hardwood floors from moisture.

Water and wood 101: wipe spills immediately

This rule doesn’t just apply to the obvious liquid puddles! Also, think about other things that can create moisture build-up.

Cleaning, for instance, make sure the mop is damp and not dripping.

Wipe when you're done polishing so liquid doesn't seep between planks. Wipe pet paws and remove shoes when out in the rain so you don't track them in. While essential, these things will keep hardwood floors in top shape.

Keep up with maintenance

Make sure your wood floors are always sealed. It should be done every five years; know it doesn't wear down evenly.

One spot can seem in great shape. Another area can be completely worn down.

While you’re at it, take a look around the house. Are there cracked pipes? Slow drains that overflow? 

Does the air conditioner leak? Do you have clogged drain pipes? 

Get out the welcome mat!

Place one at all entrances and ensure people wipe their feet before entering. If it's not too awkward, asking your guest to remove their shoes before stepping on your hardwood flooring is even better.

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